Fun Corporate Photoshoot for Singapore Based Startup Cialfo

As a Singapore based portrait photographer who shoots corporate portraits
(including headshots, leadership team profiles, employee portraits and
advertising campaigns) among other types of portraiture, I work with a
wide variety of clients, ranging from banking to high tech and to
startups. Recently, I had the great pleasure of being commissioned to
photograph Cialfo’s employees, for the company website and media kit. 

Cialfo is a Singapore based education startup. Cialfo’s online platform helps school administrators and counsellors better manage the college admissions process.

Employee photos on a website or in a media kit play an important role in communicating company culture and values and in attracting the right kind of employee. Cialfo being a high energy, vibrant startup, the mandate was to create fun employee photos based on a colour palette that’s tied into the company’s style book.

Portrait photography is as much a performance by the photographer as it is by
the photographed. It is one thing to get everything down technically- the lighting, the backdrop, the composition. I’ve always believed that the photographer is like a director, who needs to give direction to the subject to help the subject relax. Oftentimes, the photographer has to work under a time constraint (especially in editorial shoots with celebrities) and in such shoots both technical and people management skills are put to the test. I personally find I engage better with my subjects when I’m amped up
and genuinely curious about my subjects. 

On shoots like this, you definitely want to keep things fun and the Cialfo shoot was lots of fun indeed! While I was photographing one person, all the other Cialfo employees would
gather around and elicit reactions from the subject (aka victim) with wisecracks and funny gestures.  

Thanks to the Cialfo team and especially to my awesome client Dee, for giving me the opportunity to create a fun set of images! 

Thanks to Lin Lei (Instagram: @blue_peacock) for her invaluable help as an assistant! 

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Gear used:

Camera- Fuji XT2 with 56mm f1.2 lens (My go to portrait lens!)

Elinchrom FRX400 studio flash

Elinchrom Rotalux Deep Octa 100cm

Elinchrom backdrop reflector and reflector with honeycomb grid

Savage seamless paper backdrops in various colours

Using Format