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My name is Boban James and I'm an experienced advertising, editorial, lifestyle and portrait photographer based out of Singapore, but working all over Asia. I have photographed people from all walks of life- celebrities, corporate high fliers, CEOs, musicians, authors, models and fashionistas, musicians, actors and many more.   I have done commercial photography assignments for SAP, IBM, Softbank, UBS, BCG and many of the other top companies in Asia. 

As an editorial photographer, my work has been published in Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, Condenast India, Vogue India, Gulf News, Straits Times, BLLNR magazine and many others. My clients tell me that they enjoy the process of being photographed by me, because I'm able to make the process quite "pain free". (Public speaking, dentist visits and getting a professional portrait taken are considered the three unavoidable, painful events in one's life. Oh, and filing taxes.).

I love using light to create mood and drama, be it in the studio or out in the natural or urban environment. My style is to engage dynamically with the subject so that layers of their personality come through in the portraits. Photography is a process of give and take and the relationship and trust between the photographer and the subject dictates the quality and depth of the portraits.

When I'm not making photos, I'm usually to be found thinking of creative ways to expend my dog's energy. 

I have a small but well equipped studio and am available for commercial photography and portraiture assignments. Maybe you're interested in a portrait for yourself, or for branding purposes, or you'd like to improve your professional image- hit me up if you're looking at getting some photography done for yourself or for your organization. I promise to make it an enjoyable process!


Whatsapp: +65-82022965

Studio at:

100 Eunos Avenue 7

Singapore 409572


Some of the clients I've been fortunate to work with.

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