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With the Fujifilm X100F in Singapore/ Geylang

Tell friends you’re off to Geylang for the evening and you’re sure to get some raised eyebrows. For those not in the know, Geylang is Singapore’s red light district. And it’s all legit. As in state approved. But it’s also so much more. It’s foodie haven. Spiritual haven too, ironically- you can’t go far without crossing a Buddhist or Chinese temple, giving coexistence a whole new meaning.

I remember taking double decker buses in Mumbai through the red light area of Kamatipura. That area just reeked of sleaze and trafficking, with women peeking through clothing hung out on decrepit balconies. Geylang is nothing like it. If you’re a first time visitor you’d be hard pressed to see anything beyond the famous eateries and the shophouses and the new developments coming up on the peripheries. It’s only when you go into the lorongs away from the main thoroughfares that you see the more “interesting” side to Geylang.

I walked through these lorongs with my little Fuji X100F trying to blend in. However, a man with a camera stands out quite a bit in Geylang, even if the camera is small and discreet like the Fujifilm X100. 

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