How to Select a Professional Headshot Photographer in Singapore?

Professional headshots are a type of portrait photography. Professional headshots are mainly used for websites, press releases, publications, social media profiles and of course LinkedIn. Professional headshots are used to make you look friendly, trustworthy, and competent to the outside world.

Are professional headshots important? 

Professional headshots in Singapore are in high demand. These days most first impressions start online. Most hiring managers use LinkedIn to screen job applicants. Potential clients also look up to employees to ensure credibility. Investors go through the "About Us" page on websites to learn more about the executives of the company. A great professional headshot in Singapore is critical to making a good first impression - and this can have a great impact on your career.

Why do you need personal portrait photography?

Your portrait is a great way to build your portfolio. Portrait photography is all about capturing the essence, personality, and identity of a person by using light and shadow, and through the right poses. As exciting as it sounds to the ear, portrait photography is one of the most challenging forms of photography. The main goal of portrait photography in Singapore is to capture a photo that appears both natural but also highlights the subject's personality.

A good photographer will find the best suitable background and experiment with lighting to create an evocative and memorable professional portrait.

Why should you opt for a corporate headshot?

Your business headshots are more than your professional headshots - they are your marketing tools. Singapore, as a regional hub, attracts some of the world's best companies and talent. In such a competitive environment, it pays to stand out from the rest of the pack. Every job interview after all is a sales pitch where you are selling yourself and your abilities. 
It is important to have a discussion with your corporate photographer in Singapore about the kind of corporate headshot you need, and to make the most of the photographer’s expertise when it comes to lighting, poses, background, etc.  An excellent corporate photographer in Singapore is the key to showing your professionalism and personality to the outer world.

How to pick the perfect professional photo?

- Pick the right photographer: Everything begins by selecting the right photographer who can create a fantastic corporate headshot. A professional photographer can make it easier for you to get the perfect headshot. 
 - Dress appropriately: Dress up professionally – by which you should be wearing an outfit that’s appropriate for your profession. In portrait photography, it is also important to dress for your attitude so that your personality comes through. -
 - Select a current photo: Select a photo from your recent pictures and not the older, dated ones - no matter how young and attractive you look. Use the newer photos so that people do not get surprised when they meet you.

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I'm Boban James and I'm a portrait photographer based out of Singapore. With many years of experience and expertise in this field, I will make your headshot a worthy one. Be it for corporate professional headshots or portrait photography in Singapore, I will help you overcome your fear of being photographed by engaging with you in a relaxed, friendly way.

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