Tips to Prepare for Your Corporate Headshot

I’m frequently asked by various people on various aspects related to corporate photography. Here are some pointers that I hope you may find useful in the process of selecting a photographer and in deciding how to make your images look the best.

Here are some of the tips that will help you prepare for a corporate headshot in Singapore.

Choosing the right photographer

The most important thing, imho! Finding the best professional portrait photographer in Singapore is a matter of using the power of the internet to search for the right photographer. Word of mouth is also a good way of finding the best portrait photographer in Singapore. Now every photographer has there own style and it’s important for you to find a photographer whose style resonates with what you’re looking for. I’d highly recommend looking for a professional headshot photographer who understands aspects of lighting hair and skin. You need someone who does headshots regularly, not some friend who has a decent camera and "knows a little about photography."

We all live in a world where appearances are everything and the reality is that your professionalism is judged by the first image people see. Make sure that the image says you care about your career.

Let your personality come through

Go for personality over just looks. Personality wins every time. When you ask your photographer to edit photographs, make sure that you’re not going overboard on the retouching. At the end of the day employers and HR headhunters expect you to look like your headshot. Imagine their trust level falling when you show up looking different or 10 years older.

Show your confidence

Corporate careers are built on a foundation of confidence and showing people that you can get stuff done. When my clients come to me for corporate portraits in Singapore, I ask them about their career aspirations and what they’d like to project of themselves through these photos. During the photoshoot I ask the client to imagine that their photo will be viewed by a recruiter on linked in, and I often find that this leads to confident and bold poses.

Look the part

In terms of outfits for the photoshoot, my advice always is to dress in a way that is reflective of your profession, the professional environment you’re a part of and in a way that highlights your individual personality. As a Singapore based corporate and professional headshot photographer, I often see many people not dressed appropriately in their LinkedIn photos.


My name is Boban James and I am a professional portrait photographer based out of Singapore. Please reach me at to discuss your corporate portraiture requirements.

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